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Managed IT Services

Network Cabling

Business Phone

Security Cameras

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

Our commitment extends to providing a comprehensive range of expert and cost-effective voice and data cabling services, catering to everything from new installations to additional lines and upgrades.

Managed IT Services

Our comprehensive and hassle-free services are designed to let you stay focused on what you do best – running your business. With TCK Solutions by your side, optimize your IT infrastructure with confidence, knowing that we are committed to elevating your business to new heights.

IT Strategy

Planning + Design

Server + Desktop Management

Centralized Storage
Group Policy
Domain Management
Security Patching
User Profiles
Device Setup

Network Management

Access Points
Network Segregation
Network + System Monitoring

Data Bakup Solutions


Cloud Services

Hosted Email
Hosted PBX
Web Apps


Help Desk
Remote Support
On Site Support
Remote Monitoring

Structured Cabling

Data Center Cabling
Design of MDF + IDF
Network Equipment Racks
Cabinets + Enclosures
Cable Management Systems
Professional Wire Management

Security + Firewall

Anti Virus
Full Network Security
Virus Removal
Network + Server Security
Data Security

Comprehensive IT Engineer Services at Your Fingertips

At TCK Solutions, we stand out with our commitment to year-round, round-the-clock IT system monitoring and maintenance. Our dedicated team ensures that your servers, employee workstations, laptops, and desktops are under constant vigilance – 24/7, 365 days a year. Should any issue arise within your network, our prompt response is coupled with immediate notifications to business owners and managers, guaranteeing swift resolution.

Controlling Costs, Maximizing Efficiency

IT expenses can quickly spiral out of control, impacting your bottom line. TCK Solutions introduces managed IT services at a flat rate, providing your business with the essential IT support it deserves. Our flat-rate model enables our clients to optimize spending, with many reporting significant budget reallocations to more strategic areas. Experience cost-effectiveness without compromising quality – TCK Solutions has your IT budget in check.

Seamless Integration with Existing Infrastructures

Already have an internal IT infrastructure in place? No problem. TCK Solutions boasts a skilled team capable of seamlessly integrating with virtually any existing system. We respect the boundaries of established IT structures, focusing on areas identified by our clients for improvement. For companies facing overloaded or overwhelmed internal IT departments, our managed IT services serve as the perfect solution, streamlining operations and optimizing systems without unnecessary interference. Choose TCK Solutions for IT services that align with your business needs and enhance your technological landscape.

Elevate Your Connectivity with TCK Solutions’ Cabling Expertise

At TCK Solutions, we recognize the pivotal role that precise voice and data cabling play in the optimal performance of your telecommunications and information technology systems. Our commitment extends to providing a comprehensive range of expert and cost-effective voice and data cabling services, catering to everything from new installations to additional lines and upgrades.

Choose from our array of high-quality Fiberoptic, Coaxial, Cat 5, and Cat 6 cabling options, with our skilled technicians adept at seamlessly routing cables from your business’s data room to offices, cubicles, desks, or any other point requiring a connection. Daily installations by our experienced team ensure that all work adheres to National Electrical Code regulations, local guidelines, and industry best practices.

Our services go beyond cabling; we specialize in jack installations for phones, ethernet, and data. Additionally, our expertise extends to data center installations encompassing racks, routers, switches, patch panels, and wire management products. Trust TCK Solutions to not only connect you but to do so with precision, compliance, and a commitment to industry-leading practices.

Network Cabling

New Installation / Repairs

New Construction or want to add new infastructure or repairs for aged or damaged infastructure.

  • Design of Data Communications Cabling Infrastructure
  • Installation + Extension of Fiberoptic Cabling (SM/MM type Cabling)
  • Installation of Category 5e, 6a, 6e and 10G cabling
  • Structured Wire installations
  • Relocation and Upgrades
  • Telephone Jacks, Cable Outlets Installation and Repair
  • Installation of Network Backbone Cabling
  • Moves, Adds, and Changes
Equipment Rooms
  • Data Center Cabling
  • Design of MDF/IDF for Telecom and Computer Systems
  • Installation of Network Equipment Racks and
  • Cabinets/Enclosures
  • Installation of cable management systems
  • Professional Wire Management

Move to a modern standard or something with more flexibility


Whether to a new office or within your current setting


A quality network setup give you the best return on productivity


Security happens at both a hardware and software level

Business Phone Service

Our VoIP services leverage the power of the cloud, providing a dual benefit of enhanced security and efficiency. Stay effortlessly connected to the key stakeholders in your business, ensuring that communication is not just a function but a strategic asset driving your success.

Benefits of our VOIP Services

No upfront or additional costs for PBX functionality.
Cloud operations keep overhead extremely low.
Consistency in billing
Flexible and fully customizable
Cutting edge IP phone equipment
Around the clock customer support/service
Offsite maintenance and monitoring

TCK Solutions VOIP Features

Automated attendant
Simple to manage and maintain
Calls are unlimited
Mobile call redirects
Voicemails can be sent directly to your email address

Phone Numbers

Directory Listing
International Numbers
Local Numbers
Toll-free Numbers

Business MMS + SMS

Text to Email
Text to Cellphone
Multimedia Messaging

Cloud PBX

Virtual PBX
Auto Receptionist
Mult-lLevel IVR
Role-based Access Control
User Templates
Call Reports

Music on Hold
Call Monitoring
Single Sign-on
Global Office
Hot Desking

Phone Accessories, Devices + Service

Secure VoIP Service
Caller ID Control
Desk Phones
Conference Phones
Cordless Phones
VoIP Handsets
Analog Adapters
Desktop App

Other Features

Call Management
Voicemail and Greeting
Voicemail to eMail
Internet Fax

Scaling Services for Growing Businesses

At TCK Solutions we utilize only cloud based VoIP technology because doing so allows our customers to scale their services as the needs of their business grows. Our could based hosted call centers negates the need for new equipment costs as businesses add employees to their roster. This is what makes VoIP services so cost effective and easy to justify. Additionally, the need for voice communications often fluctuates from season to season and since our cloud based VoIP services are scale-able your business won’t be hit with up front costs when you need to add to…or take away from your service.



In Office Benefits

Now that you understand how and why cloud based VoIP services are cost effective, we can talk a bit about just how such systems are a boon in the actual office. Supervisors and managers will utilize a browser based dashboard to monitor both local and remote communications. They’ll also have the ability to monitor call statuses, call queues, and see who is and isn’t available for a call. Our VoIP services give managers complete and very thorough control over their call centers and the communication activities of their employees.

Of course having the ability to monitor communications in real time is only part of what we offer. As reports and metrics are extremely important to the management and success of a call center, our system offers the most comprehensive metrics reports on the market. This in turn assists management in identifying needs, challenges, and even in setting new goals for their teams. If that wasn’t enough, TCK Solutions offers representative performance measurement tools that help managers and supervisors guide and coach their reps en route to becoming great customer service and sales persons.

Ensuring your customer service, tech support, and sales teams have proper communication tools is important but what about interoffice communications? TCK Solutions has businesses covered in that department too. Our VoIP services give modern businesses the power to not only make conference calls but also allows employees to coordinate them via powerful software. Of course web and video conferencing are included in these services as are secure file transfers, sharing, and the highest level of security for private and/or sensitive communication. Employees will also have access to screen and desktop sharing applications that make these types of communications far more effective. Our VoIP services additionally give businesses the ability move communications from their computers and/or workstations to their mobile devices and vise versa. Perhaps best of all however, records of communications are kept in the cloud and can be accessed whenever they might be needed.

Cameras + Connectivity

Experience ultimate security with our top-tier security cameras, providing high-resolution monitoring for your peace of mind. Seamlessly integrated with advanced access control and security alarms, our comprehensive solution ensures airtight protection for your premises, safeguarding what matters most.


From strategic placement to advanced technology integration, our systems offer not just monitoring but comprehensive protection. Trust us to be your vigilant partner in enhancing safety and peace of mind.


Remote Access
Mobile App
Cloud Storage
Automatic Updates
Mobile Alerts
Motion Detection
Intelligent Analytics
User Permissions and Access Control
Integration with Other Devices
Secure Data Encryption
Two-Way Audio
Scheduled Recording
Weather Resistance
Low-Light and Night Vision
Easy Installation
Comprehensive Dashboard
Support and Customer Service
Compliance and Data Retention Policies

Access Control

Biometric Authentication
Card Readers
PIN Codes
Mobile Access
Time-Based Access
Audit Trails
Visitor Management
Integration with CCTV
Multi-Layered Authentication
Remote Access Control
Duress Codes
Customizable Access Levels
Intercom Systems
Integration with Alarm Systems
Biometric Template Storage
Integration with HR Systems
Lockdown Capabilities
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
Cloud-Based Access Control
Tamper Detection
Emergency Exit Control
Integration with Building Management Systems (BMS)

Security Alarms
  • Intrusion Detection
    Motion Sensors
    Window and Door Contacts
    Glass Break Sensors
    Smoke and Fire Detection
    Carbon Monoxide Detection
    Flood and Water Leak Sensors
    Temperature Sensors
    Video Surveillance Integration
    Remote Access and Control
    Panic Buttons
    Smart Home Integration
    Security System Monitoring
    Wireless Connectivity
    Battery Backup
    User Authentication
    Siren and Strobe Lights
    Zoning and Customization


Enhance the safety and security of your space with our cutting-edge security solutions. Our high-performance security cameras offer crystal-clear video surveillance, ensuring that every corner is under watchful eyes, day or night. With advanced features such as motion detection, intelligent analytics, and cloud-based storage, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your property is protected against potential threats. Our cameras not only provide a visual deterrent to intruders but also empower you with remote access to live feeds and recorded footage, putting control of your security in the palm of your hand.

Access Control

Take control of access to your premises with our state-of-the-art access control systems. Whether you need to secure a single entry point or manage multiple access points across your facility, our solutions offer customizable access permissions and robust user authentication. From smart card technology to biometric scanners, our access control systems ensure that only authorized individuals gain entry. Seamlessly integrate access control with our security cameras to create a comprehensive security ecosystem that adapts to your unique needs.

Security Alarms

Complete your security strategy with our advanced security alarm systems. Our alarms provide a robust defense against unauthorized access, intrusion, and emergencies. Equipped with features such as door and window sensors, motion detectors, and 24/7 monitoring, our systems provide real-time alerts and quick response times. Whether you’re at home or away, stay connected with your security via mobile alerts and remote access. Trust us to provide a comprehensive security solution that prioritizes your safety and delivers unparalleled peace of mind.

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