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IT Consulting Since 2011

Aloha – I’m Edmund, the IT Engineer behind TCK Solutions. The journey that led me to this moment started in the most unexpected way, with a local flower shop owner who recognized the value of a good trade.

Picture this: A quaint flower shop, a friendly owner, and an arrangement of vibrant blooms in exchange for my tech services. When the flowers were ready for the girl I was dating, instead of addressing the card from me, he addressed the flower card to “The Computer Kid.” Little did I know, that simple gesture would become the catalyst for the venture you see today.

The name stuck, and I wear it with pride. TCK Solutions embodies not just my technical prowess, but also a commitment to personalized service, a trait instilled in me from the start. At the heart of this journey is a genuine care for people and a passion for problem-solving that extends beyond the realm of computers and cables.

I’ve always believed that technology should be an enabler, making lives easier and businesses more efficient. This philosophy has guided me through countless challenges and triumphs, forging lasting connections with clients who entrust me with their IT needs.

What sets TCK Solutions apart? It’s not just the technical expertise – though rest assured, we excel in that department. It’s the understanding that behind every device, every network, and every issue is a person. Whether you’re a small business owner, a fellow tech enthusiast, or someone grappling with a stubborn computer glitch, we’re here for you.

My commitment to providing the best service goes beyond fixing problems; it’s about building relationships. I take the time to understand your unique needs, ensuring that the solutions I provide are not just effective but tailored to enhance your individual experience with technology.

So, whether you’re in need of IT support, looking to optimize your business systems, or simply seeking advice on the ever-evolving tech landscape, TCK Solutions (AKA The Computer Kid) is here to be your reliable partner.

Mahalo for considering TCK Solutions for your IT needs. Let’s navigate the digital world together, with personalized service and faster tech done right.


Why choose TCK

Our expertise extends beyond mere technicalities. We help clients discern between reformatting and simple cleanups, navigate through mediocre antivirus software, and comprehend their systems better. Efficiency is our forte – we get you what you need in less time.

At TCK Solutions, we’re not just technicians; we’re educators. We provide solutions for common tech problems, unearth deeper-rooted issues, and champion customer problem-solving. Your success is our success – we’re your ally in navigating the intricate web of technology.

We understand that worker retention is directly linked to tech issues. Our mission is to help increase employee morale with better tech networks that protect your assets, and contribute to the growth and stability of your business. Let us be the backbone of your infrastructure, ensuring seamless operations and reducing unnecessary time spent on tasks.

Choose TCK Solutions; a reliable partner dedicated to elevating your cable networking experience. Together, let’s build a foundation for your success.

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